Chinese School
of Delaware



Hello CSD Parents and Students!

Halloween is quickly approaching and the PTA of the Chinese School of Delaware is busy organizing the upcoming Halloween party.  I would like to request help from the parents to help set up the day of the event.  Any help that you can provide will be greatly appreciated, even if it is 10 minutes of your time which is all it will take to set up some tables and chairs.  We may also need some help with the activity stations in case we don't have enough students from the older grades to fill in.  If you can make it, please come at the start of school (hopefully a little earlier!) so we can get the tables set up.  Also, please drop off the requested food items as well.  Attached is the school Halloween flyer (I did my best with my amateur artistic skills!), and below is the list of class food assignments.  Please, no peanut products due to allergies. 

In addition, any ideas or suggestions you may have for the PTA this year, please feel free to drop me a note  or talk to me at school.  Maybe you would like to see something added or changed for Christmas, Chinese New Year, or Commencement, or perhaps, some new offerings during snack time.  I'm open to all suggestions.  I look forward to working with all parents in order to make this a fun and successful year for our children!  

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Ann Shum  

Food Assignments for each student to bring for the Halloween party:

PreK/KA - a bag of Candy (yes you read right, candy!)

PreK/KB - Brownies

1B - a box of Fruit Snacks

2B - a box of Fruit Snacks

2A - a box of Rice Krispie treats

4B - Cookies or Cupcakes (or another bakery type item of choice)

5A - a pack of Water Bottles (small size) 

6A - Chips, Pretzels, Doritos, Goldfish, etc (a small box of "individual snack packs" is preferred)

6B - a box of Juice Boxes or Pouches

9A - a pack of Paper Plates (8-10 count) and Help with activities

9B - one roll of Paper Towels and Help with activities

10A -a pack of Paper Plates (8-10 count) and Help with activities