Chinese School
of Delaware


Our Faculty 教職員

Chinese School of Delaware Faculty 2017-18

Grade Teacher
Pre-K Paula Wu 吳淑貞

1 Lucy Li


Andrea Li
3A (Heritage) Yu-Chien Janice Chen 簡郁潔

3B (Immersion) Peiju Li 李培菊

5A (Heritage) Yachi Kaiya You 游雅淇

5B (Immersion) Ketong Chen 陳柯彤

7B (Immersion) Wenchuan Lin 王文娟

8A (Heritage) Li-Huey Lai 賴立惠

8B (Immersion) Tommy Lu 呂學明

10A (Heritage) Fangping Chen 陳芳平

ADULT Hong Qi 齊虹


Period 1: 1:30 PM to 2:15 PM

Period 2: 2:25 PM to 3:05 PM

Period 3: 3:15 PM to 4:00 PM

職員 Faculty

校長 - 葉品秀 Principal - Portia Yeh
1998 年曾在休士頓西北中文學校任教過兩年,自 2012 年起任教於德立華中文學校,曾任學前班及一、二年級導師。2016 年初接任副校長一職,並於 2017 學年起受聘擔任校長。葉校長本身為理工背景出身,雖然沒有正式的教育學位,但因為三個兒子目前皆受教於德立華中文學校,憑著一股熱忱與對海外中文教育的執著信念,希望能替中文教育及中華文化的推廣盡一份心力。
tia started her teaching career as a Chinese language teacher in Houston Northwest Chinese School in 1998.  Since 2012, she has been teaching at CSD in pre-k, kindergarten, first grade and second grade.  In 2016, Portia took the position as vice principal, and soon became principal in 2017.  Portia is very enthused in promoting Chinese language and Chinese culture, and is also dedicated in providing the best learning resource and environment for CSD students and families.

副校長 - 劉慧玲 Vice Principal - Rebecca Liu
I taught 4th and 5th grade in Philadelphia Chinese school for 2 years.  I started teaching in CSD when my daughter started to learn Chinese.  I have been teaching non-heritage students for pre-K and K since 2014.  I took a position as a vice principal in 2016.  I am very enthusiastic and passionate to introduce Chinese language and culture for both heritage and non-heritage students.  I always tell my students if I can learn English, they can learn Chinese too.  I encourage my students to work hard and never give up, no matter how difficult the task is.  I feel honored to work with those students and their parents who spend their previous Sunday afternoons at CSD.  It is my pleasure to have these previous students in my life.

教務長 - 葉靜宜 Curriculum Director - Tracy Yeh
葉靜宜Tracy主修課英語教學, 程設計及科技教育。加入達立華中文學校教授中文課程達三年之久。今年,他擔任 CACC 暑期沉浸式中文營隊教師及德立華中文學校教務長。目前他積極協助校內老師並合作設計課程以利學生學習中文。
Tracy Yeh (Ching-yi) is specialized in language teaching and curriculum design. Her research focuses on technology integration in (language) education. She joined the  Chinese School of Delaware and taught heritage track students for three years. This year, she is our curriculum director and also the CACC Chinese summer camp language teacher. She works closely with students learning both English and Mandarin as second language and in immersion language learning setting .

財務長 - Monica Treasurer - Monica
I have been with CSD for over 13 years.  My oldest daughter was graduated from CSD.  Currently, my younger son is also attending CSD.  This is my 3rd year serving the Treasurer position

老師簡歷 Teachers' Bio

吳淑貞老師 Paula Wu
I am a pre-K teacher.  This is the third year I work in CSD.  My course objective is Chinese phonetic alphabet and simple daily conversation.

Lucy Li
My name is Lucy Li .  I am the first grade teacher at CSD.  My goal this year is to get students to start speaking Chinese.  I am an easy going person, but I have my principles.  I have more than 10 years of experience teaching English speaking kids to learn Chinese.  I wan to thank parents and CSD in advance in supporting me.  I wish this school year we can work together to have students start speaking Chinese!

Andrea Li
大家好,我是 Andrea.  這是我第一次在德立華中文學校教課,我很興奮可以有這樣的機會! 我在教會主日學和查經團契都有教小孩子的經驗,我很喜歡和小孩子們一起工作。希望我們度過一個美妙和富有成效的學年!
Hello, I am Andrea.  This is the first time for me to teach at the Chinese School of Delaware, and I am very excited for the opportunity!  I have experience of teaching children at Sunday School of my church and with the Bible Study Fellowship.  I love working with children.  Hope we'll have a wonderful and fruitful year of study!

簡郁潔老師 Janice Chien
2016 年華文網路種子師資培訓線上課程基礎班結業,目前進階班進修中,希望能提供更生動活潑的教學活動。
Janice has completed elementary E-Teaching Training Program for Mandarin Instructors (online) in 2016.  Now enrolled in advanced class.  Hope to provide more vivid and creative teaching for kids.

李培菊老師 Peiju Li
大家好,我是李培菊,今年是我第一年教 Immersion 三年級。非常高興有這個機會教授小朋友。我特別喜歡小朋友說中文。我的目標就是讓小朋友說中文。
My name is Peiju Li.  I currently teach Immersion 3rd grade.  I love kids and enjoy playing with them.  I will do my best to make our class interesting so your children will enjoy learning Chinese.

游雅淇老師 Yachi Yu
Serving Chinese schools since 2010.  Taught traditional classroom settings from pre-K to adult since 2001.  I am honored to be 5A teacher this year!

陳柯彤老師 Ketong Chen

Hello everyone!  My name is Ketong Chen.  I'm currently teaching 5th grade immersion track in CSD.  I am very interested in teaching language in an immersed setting and teaching student Chinese.  I feel honored to have the opportunity of teaching Chinese to students who are interested in learning the language and culture over the weekend.  Thank you very much!

王文娟老師 Wenchuan Lin
我在德立華中文學校擔任教職工作,已有七年的時間了。期間同時也受聘於 St. Johns 小學部的中文科任教師四年,全是憑著一股教學熱忱進入這個領域,為了幫助學生更有效率的學習,不斷調整自己的教學方式與技巧,希望營造出更歡樂的學習環境,進而養成自然開口說中文的習慣,如今難見孩子在中文上的成長與進步,就是自己最大的欣慰與成就。
I have taught Chinese at CSD for 7 years.  I have also taught at St. John's Lutheran school for 4 years.  My passion is to teach students and watch them learn and improve.

賴立惠老師 Lihuey Lai
My name is Lai, Li-Huey.  This is the third year I have been teaching in CSD.  I hope the children can culivate their learning ability through Chinese courses and also explore the Chinese culture.

呂學明老師 Tommy Lu
大家好,我是呂學明,自 1993 年起即服務於德立華中文學校,歷任語文老師、文化老師、副校長、教務長及校長,現任教於非華裔子弟八年級班。除在本校工作外,亦擔任過其他地區性或全國性中文學校組織會長及相關職務。
Dr. Tommy Lu has been with CSD since 1993.  During his tenure he has served as a language teacher, a culture teacher, vice principal, curriculum director, and principal.  He also has involved in local, regional, and national Chinese language organizations especially in community-based heritage school system.

陳芳平老師 Fangping Chen
大家好,歡迎大家來到德立華中文學校! 我叫陳芳平。我是現任美國高中中文老師,也是德立華中文學校十年級老師。我已經在德拉瓦州、賓州和加州教中文至今已十六個年頭。學生來自各種語言背景的家庭,年齡從學前班至高中的學生。期待大家在德立華中文學校有個充實美好的一年!
Welcome back!  My name is Fang-Ping Chen.  I am a high school Mandarin Chinese teacher, as well the 10h-grade teacher at CSD.  I have taught Mandarin Chinese for over fifteen years at several Chinese schools in Delaware, PA, and CA.  My students come from both native speaking and non-speaking families.  I've taught students from pre-k to high school.  I am looking forward to another terrific year at CSD!

齊虹老師 Hong Qi
我畢業於中國西北師範大學中文系。93 - 96 年在紐約市周末教 6-16 歲的孩子學中文,因工作太忙而中斷。 2009 年開始在德立華中文學校任教,教過學前班、一年級、六至十年即、今年是第三年教成人班。
I graduated from the Chinese Department of Northwest Normal University of China.  During 1993 - 1996 I taught 6-16 years old children to learn Chinese in New York City.  In 2009, I began teaching in CSD.  I have taught preschool, first grade, 6th to 10th grade.  This year is the 3rd year to teach adult class.